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Accutron Lucerne Watch at When Bulova created the electronic watch they were intended to replace mechanical watches. Mechanical watches had been around since the 1600s. Typically a mechanical watch consists of five main parts, a mainspring, gear train, balance wheel, dial, and an escapement mechanism. The Accutron however used a tuning fork to replace the balance wheel and mainspring. It also used a transistorized circuit which gave the Accutron watch the right to be dubbed the first electronic watch. Bulova had been developing the Accutron watch since 1952 however, it was first introduced on October 25, 1960. Bulova forever changed the way that watches were looked out. The impact of the Accutron was so monumental that an entire brand was created and Accutron Lucerne Watches are an example of how far Accutron has come. Max Hetzel was a development engineer at Bulova Watch Company and was the man who invented the Accutron watch the first electronic tuning fork watch. This watch was ten times more accurate than mechanical watches. This was a great revelation because of the biggest problems with mechanical watches was their inability to keep proper time. The accuracy of the Accutron watches was unmatched for that time. It was used in NASA computers. Because of the recognition and popularity of these watches an Accutron watch was even placed on the moon by Apollo 11 astronauts. Accutron watches have come a long way taking a look at Accutron Lucerne watches this is evident. One of the more popular watches in this collection is the Accutron Men’s Lucerne Chronograph Watch. This watch displays such lovely features as black dial with silver markers, stainless steel case and bracelet, chronograph movement, date display, blended links, ridged stainless steel ribbon, domed sapphire crystal, screw-down caseback, and water resistant up to 30 meters. Most of the watches in this collection are extremely popular including the Accutron Women’s Lucerne 4 diamond Watch. This watch features a black dial with silver markers, four diamonds, stainless steel case and bracelet, blended links, rigid stainless steel ribbon, domed sapphire crystal and water resistant up to 30 meters. All the watches in this collection feature a five year manufacturer’s warranty. Accutron Lucerne watches exude a certain amount of grace. These watches have a history that cannot be matched by any other watch out there. Bulova has constant driven to create quality watch that is no exception when it comes to these watches. So if quality is what you want pick up your Accutron Lucerne watches at

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